Monday, November 20, 2006

Time for some pics!

Two shots each of my favourite little boys :) Just love them so much!

The country where we live in

You know, I'm getting really tired of this country that we live in. Malaysia. A country where, despite you being born here, your parents being born here, or even your grandparents, a certain group of people label you as 'pendatang', as a foreigner.

A country, where if you work hard and achieve some measure of financial success, you are considered to have taken from what rightfully belongs to another race.

This group of people continue to believe that they deserve everything, that they deserve wealth and success, just by virtue of their blood and race. The believe that the Chinese have taken or stolen from them what is rightfully theirs.

Excuse me, what has anyone stolen from you? What have I stolen from you? I work, I earn my own living, I pay taxes and I have taken nothing. Have I stolen from you just because you see me as a Chinese? Have I stolen from you just because I have done better than you in some cases? What about those who have done better than me financially? Did they steal from me?

I seriously wonder where some of these people get their ideas from.

All this constant brainwashing and beliefs that have been locked into their system.

At the core of it, I can only consider it one thing. RACISM. There is no other word to describe it. It is as if these people dub themselves as the MASTER race. They even use words to describe it as such.

Also, there is the constant reminder and consequences of 'questioning their rights'. Their position. And this reminder is often linked to the direct/indirect threat of violence. ... bathing in blood.....

Can anyone tell me how people like this are allowed to speak as such and be applauded rather than shamed? Can anyone tell me why this is acceptible behaviour?

Can someone how a Government Leader, a Politician, can endorse such behaviour when faced with their own race, but put on a moderate 'face' in front of the rest of the public. Is this not a lack of sincerity? Is this not a lack of integrity?

Any why do people always justify their wrongs by making accusations, you shouldn't have done that first, you shouldn't have questioned our position, you make such comments at your own poltical gatherings......

Is no one able to stand up and break free of this? Is your position and power so important that you will do anything to gather support.

I cannot stand our country. The country that I have been born in.

If I wanted to be treated as a foreigner, as a 2nd class citizen, I can gladly go elsewhere to achieve that. In fact, I can go elsewhere, be a foreigner, and even earn a better living by getting out of here.

Will my children, born in Malaysia, have to experience this? Will it ever end? Is anyone going to stand up to make a difference?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back from Singapore

Well. I'm back at work and back from Singapore. 1st things 1st - Tony Roma's was excellent! I tried the Rib Sampler (4 different flavours). Conclusion - I think the originals are the best.

Anyways, I have decided to take Krystal to the Sunway Pyramid one this weekend since she loves ribs as well. We'll see how they go w/o pork though....

Some quick conclusions from Singapore:

1) Mobile phones are really cheap (yes - you knew that already).

Could get a SE K800i (the Cybershot one!) for SGD618 (w/o GST). That's like RM1400+ only compared to our super ridiculous RM2k official price (or around 18-1900 on the market apparently).

You can also get a Nokia N73 for around SGD720. Come on man... that is so tempting!!!

2) The overall cost of living is Singapore is lower than Malaysia (yes, you knew that too)

I hate all the nonsense (ie. crap) about Msia being cheap - it isn't - and don't let anyone fool you otherwise. Yes, it can be cheap if you buy a kancil and eat at hawkers everyday and stay in a low cost apartment. But otherwise, it is actually cheaper to stay in Singapore and many other places. (OK degenerating into complaining here)

If you earn SGD for a living - for the same job, you'd probably get at least 80% dollar for dollar of your current salary for a comparable job there. Sometimes even more. And with that kind of money, trust me, EVERYTHING there is cheaper than we are used to.

Just say you earn 10k here and you earn 8k in Singapore. The 8k you have in Singapore can buy you so much more. And I'm not even talking about Cars, etc. Housing isn't an excuse either. If you can buy a RM500k condo here, buying an SGD500k condo is pretty good as well.

But I guess we have been born in Malaysia for a reason lah!! ;)

God bless

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wow.. I'm back :)

Well... after another long period, though I would do a minor update before I get out of here.

Going over the Singapore tomorrow for a short little trip. Decided to stay the night so that I can check out some stuff.... but most probably just going to make sure I get a good dose of BBQ Ribs at Tony Roma's lah!!! (Already found that I'll be staying near Suntec Mall so there's one right there :) )

BTW I did hear that there's a branch in Malaysia that opened in Sunway Pyramid... I wonder about the menu though.... guess they would have to serve just beef ribs and that wouldn't be the same!

Will also give me a chance to catch up with an old friend and pay him the SGD299 I owe him for buying me a new graphics card!! Hahaha...

Here's a quick look a Jaden in his Bumbo seat!
(just love his special Dragon Ball Hairstyle eh... it's still standing today!!!)

Becoming cuter all the time! (and Ryan is becoming naughtier!!!)

And for those who don't know, Battlestar Galactica is back on Season 3!!! Go check it out at and you know where else ;)

Personally, this is one of the better series around... but then I hardly follow any series anyways. It started out a bit corny but after watching a couple of episodes, I was hooked. And yes, Adeline, I do still have all the CDs that I'm supposed to burn the episodes into!!! (so sorry, but the lack of a CD burner on my desktop just really makes me too lazy)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Wah... total lack of updates.

Been really lazy and have not updated. Not to mention the fact that newer photos are on my home PC and I rarely post from home.

Anyways, quick updates.

1) Got our car delivered. Best part - we got free leather seats :) haha ... managed to squeeze into C&C's current promotion. MUCH MUCH better than the normal fabric seats. Overall it's doing fine.

2) Handed over the mini to buyer. Took quite a while to settle everything, but glad that's settled. Krystal was a bit sentimental about selling it off. Hahaha.. understand. Unfortunately, not in any position to keep 3 cars at the moment :)

3) Came back from India attending an ISACA conference. The place is actually quite sad with many extremes. From 5 star hotels to maximum poverty side-by-side. Apparently, from years of mismanagement (and other reasons) of funds by the peoples in power. We may have lots of complaints about Malaysia and the govt. but we're WAY more advanced than them. Something we should really be thankful for.

4) Still haven't bought a new phone :) hahahahahahaa....... probably won't buy one until current one KOs..... as right now I seem to be so tempted to get a set of Mizuno MP-60s :D

5) finally sold off all my stocks in MS (not that I had many.....). But at least I didn't loose money considering the stupid stock price!!!! Having said that... need to follow-up with why they haven't wired me the money!!!! AAARGH

Later (and it may be much later...)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ryan's Birthday Party! (Finally)

Ok, time for the long awaited Ryan's party post (before I forget all the details... which is already starting to happen).

Date: 23 July 2006
Time: 12:30pm or so
Location: Tropicana
Invited Guests: About 40+ adults (mostly friends and anyone that we could think of that had kids!!) and 20 kids
Weather: Started to pour after a while (unfortunately for those who came late ;))

Started decorating the place up with his Thomas Banner and baloons. Also picked up the cake. Yes! It did look like the photo :)

Unfortunately, Krystal didn't take pictures of the decoration or anything and so I only have the shots from my video cam :( can't post those here. In the end, I had to run around and take the pictures as well as the video!!! too much..... :P

Overall, lots of fun and great food. Thankfully we had enough food and even leftoevers (which we ate for dinner!!)

Here are some shots of the party - don't know how to do a slideshow yet.. (and too lazy to learn) so will post it the hard way.

And now the aftermath.... Ryan and his presents :D

Thursday, July 27, 2006

In Bangkok

Just came back from a short session shopping in Bangkok. Didn't get much but had to go out since I needed to update my flight ticket at the MAS office. Unfortunately the ticketing counter only opens at 8:30 AM and my flight on Saturday will be at 9:00. Took the chance to check out hte Central Dept store nearby and visit Siam Paragon and Siam Center.

Siam Paragon is really upmarket - very much like StarHill - but maybe a bit more than that. Strangely there is are showrooms for supercars as well - Ferrari, Porshe, Masserati and Lambourghini. Crazy!

Anyways, I regret that I didn't get the K800i before coming here - would have taken a bunch of shots. The highlight would have been our river cruise dinner hosted by the Thai partner. Food was not bad, but it was nice to be on the river and hang out on the top deck after dinner.

Need to post an update on Ryan's party - will do so when I get back. Took lots of video but not much pictures (due to lack of cooperation from my other half... :P )

Anyways, just share the view from my hotel room outside the Chao Phraya river.

And now, a mandatory cutie pie shot (my current phone background) :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The two brothers :)

HAHA.... just had to put this up since I'm at home and have access to my pictures. Don't they just look like brothers :) check out the resemblance and their features. Eyebrows, nose, mouth, ... only the eyes are slightly different.

Krystal says that Ryan followed me in that sense while Jaden is more like her. Sure or not???

Anyways, a few more pictures of Mr. Cute. (aaarrgh.... must... shut .. down... azureus... before ... uploading... taking .... forever.....)

Getting ready for Ryan's party on Sunday. Got a lot of baloons to blow + some decorations to put up. Hopefully we have enough food yeah ;)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Ryan's 2nd Birthday Party

Alright!! We'll be celebrating Ryan's 2nd birthday party this Sunday. Looking forward to it as we didn't do one last year :( as I was travelling. We did have a mini-celebration with both Mama and Yeh Yeh around - so that was not too bad :)

We're getting him a Thomas the Tank Engine cake (his favourite!)

Hopefull the actual will come out pretty close!! :) haha

Meanwhile, I'm considering getting a 'new' mobile phone since my temporary brick (SE Z1010) is just not so 'on' lah. Been wanting to get one for a long time - but the Nokia n80 I feel is just too expensive. Can't get myself to pay more than 2k for a phone lah - not worth it.

Having said that, this looks pretty cool. The K800i :D See if I can tahan lah - else you'll see it at Ryan's bday party!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ryan and Jaden!

Ok - got some pictures. Especially for Tracy who hasn't seen them for a while.

Jaden in his baby sleeping position :)

Here can actually see that he has put on some weight! He is bigger than Ryan at his age.

Ryan with his little Japanese suit bought from Japan in Nov 2005.

Had to put on his Eeyore bag before going to sleep :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alright, we did it!

Ok, went to C&C and did the booking for the Mazda. Here it is - platinum silver (although they had ready stock of a silver one - we decided to wait - since it's not like we buy a car every other day!!!).

Actually went to Naza over the weekend - Krystal's friend's suggestions since there was a newspaper ad promotion. At Naza, they actually had the Wish and the 5 side by side!!! Best opportunity to compare.

So what's the verdict? Well...

Looks - The 5 wins since we both agree that the design is pretty new and modern, while the Wish has been around for a while.
Space - Hard to say. Was expecting the Mazda to be better - but upon side-by-side comparison, the rear cabin in the Wish actually felt more spacious. Also the 3rd row seats in the back were actually more comfortable in the Wish!! Turns out the cool but slightly useless kara-kuri seats thingi has a big negative point - the box to hold the seat/compartment is almost as low as the floor and restricts your feet from sliding under the seats in front of you. i.e. if you sit in the last row... the 2nd row seats MUST be moved forward (unless your feet can turn 90 degrees!!! haha). In the Wish, this was not the case and the 2nd row seats didn't have to be moved forward as much.

Check out the cool but slightly useless feature here.

In the end, we decided that since neither of us are really going to sit in the 3rd row - it'll be mostly for the maid/kids, so we let it pass.

By the way, this pic always made me feel like the car was very spacious. However, upon sitting inside, it's not really possible to move from the 3rd row to the 2nd without some serious contortions.

1stly, the armrest (folding sideways) still takes up quite a bit of room. 2ndly, there isn't much room in between in the first place!!!! (But I consoled myself that without getting a full sized MPV such as an Estima or otherwise, this was just not possible anyways).

Drive - felt somehow that the Mazda has slightly smoother and had less engine noise from the test drive (even though the Toyota seemed to have better paper specs). Pretty even though.
Servicing - This is one factor as well - Toyota seems to have followed the crazy Proton philosphy of asking owners to service their vehicles every 5,000 km. Come on!! that's ridiculuous, not when my car can do 25,000 per service (although 20,000 seems a bit safer ;)) At least Mazda is a bit better with 10k mileage service intervals. Personally, I think 5k service intervals are just a con.... in the end, they cost you as much as/more than a BMW (RM2-300 x 4-5 per year). Of course, when the Beemer breaks down/gets problems (such as the case now!!) you can cry about major replacements lah.

Overall.... took the Mazda lah. Delivery expected in early August (pending salesman's typical overly optimistic timelines).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More decisions...

Have to book the car by this week although we haven't finalised which car to get. Took the Wish on a test drive last weekend. Not bad, but nothing special either. It seemed to have more engine noise than the Mazda, but then again, I'm not totally sure. Interior room seems ok. In fact, Krystal, Ryan and Jaden were all there!! haha

Personally, I'm keen on the Mazda, but a little worried about the resale value - since M'sia seems to have 'special' resale values for Hondas and Toyotas. Try buying a Ford or an Alfa Romeo :)

Probably take Krystal to see that Mazda and then finalise things.

Also now looking for a 2nd maid for the house to (hopefully) take care of the kids. Krystal will be taking some extra leave but plans to go back to work. Basically, it's a lot to give up (esp. in terms of $$$). Will use the time to evaluate whether the new maid can handle the job. If she can't then, I guess she will have to stop working...

We'll be going to Ipoh the following week to celebrate Krystal's Tai Pak's 70th birthday. Even though I have a church Leaders' Retreat that weekend, we decided to go Ipoh after much discussion. A bit bad in that sense as I think it (Leaders' Retreat) is a pretty important event - esp. with Pastor Daniel stressing that he wants EVERYONE to be there. Having said that, this will be the time when I wished I already had an MPV..... not sure how we're going to make it to Ipoh in my car. One idea is to let Ryan sit in the front seat (which is ok since he can now sit front-facing and so has no problems with the airbag) and let Krystal, Jaden and Mima sit at the back. Will see lah. Too bad you can't buy a car and have it instantly :P

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alright! 1st Post

Ok... been finally convinced to set this up. Actually... partially setup here and there. No time aka too lazy aka just not bothered.

Anyways, still learning the ropes. Times are getting tough, very tiring having 2 kids around. Thank God mom was around last week - although she's planning to go back today.

My current dilemna (not really - but something that needs settling this week) is on choosing a new car for Krystal. Impossible to fit 2 baby car seats (or even 1 baby car seat + 1 infant carrier) in either one of our cars (esp. Krystal's!! haha). Need a car with 3 rows of seats definitely so planning on going for one of those sporty MPVs.

Current considerations:

1) Mazda 5 - took a test drive, not bad. Pretty impressed with the seats as well as the sliding doors. They open REALLY wide - claimed to be wider than an ESTIMA. Only concern is that interior seems plasticky... worried about hearing too many squeeks after a short time. (even my current car is squeeking a bit too much and my mechanic keeps telling me I need to change the control arm bushing to improve the 'bumpiness' I'm currently getting - TAHAN 1st lah!!! save money)

2) Toyota Wish - apparently so popular that it's fully sold out and there aren't enough stocks to even display in the showroom? crazy eh! anyways, have sat in Steven's as well as Steven's (2 different guys) Wish. Seems ok .... but want to check out the latest model.

3) Honda Stream - seemed a bit cramped, especially getting in from the back. Not sure if the seats have the LATCH system for baby seats - sales girl seemed to not understand (big minus points there). Leather seats standard all round though. Boot space seems a bit poor.

Overall... seem to prefer the Mazda - although the resale value of Mazda here is pretty sad. Need to check out the Wish in real life (latest model) first. Other thought of course is Odyssey lah!! hahaha... but too expensive lah. And Krystal not keen on driving such a big car anyways. Although the Odyssey seems to be less bulky and more car like compared to the Estima (which I still remember banging into the pillar at 1 Utama and getting blacklisted by in-laws... haha... another story!)

Oh well... need to make decision soon as Mazda's waiting period is 1-2 months, Toyota 3-4 months. Honda claims that we can get the Stream within a week though.... but I guess that's also telling you something right!!!

No real pics to put up - since all on my home pc. But let me put one up of my fav little boy and my current desktop background (ok now that have 2, need to be a bit careful - one of my 2 fav little boys)