Monday, September 24, 2007

Lil Golfer in Action

We were at Mid Valley last Saturday for a movie - Ratatouille and yes, Ryan sat through his first cinema show amazingly. However, half-way through the movie, he asked for his 'nen-nen', so mama had to make milk for him in the dark... *phew* thank goodness, everything ok lah :)
After movie, we brought him to buy his first 'real' golf club and gloves. He really loves to practise golf at home and when papa brought him to his first golf lesson at Kindergolf some time back, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.
Maybe Tiger Woods in the making!! kekekeke....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Refresher course and Ginn's Birthday

Mama was away at Nilai Audit Academy Negara (AAN) for 3 days for a refresher course. It's the first time for mama to be away from Ryan and Jaden. As a result, Jaden really missed mama and couldn't have a good night sleep for 2 nights. (All the poor souls at home, except Ryan, couldn't sleep well either because of the wailing Jaden at night, partly looking for mama and also because he was not feeling well).

Mama was quite impressed with the accommodation provided at AAN. Each of us had our own room and the room is not too bad, above my expectations.

We had fun during paintball too. Below pix is mama in full-gear paintball mask. One of my colleague was so frightened that she'll be hit by the balls, so much so that she chickened out. As for mama, I wasn't shot at all - simply because I hid behind the bunkers most of the time - scared of being shot lah!

Siew Ginn celebrated his 8th birthday last Sunday at Da Vinci creative centre. A very unique place to celebrate birthday indeed - each child had the opportunity to show her/his creative talent by painting on a stone. Ryan was too young for that and as an alternative, he was given a spiderman 3D sculpt to paint. He enjoyed that so much!

The party ended quite late and by the time he set foot in the car, he was fast asleep!