Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Ox Year 2009!

This year's new year was a double joy for the family. The first day of CNY (26th Jan) coincides with papa's birthday.

The Yuen clan gathered at our house for the first time on the 1st day of CNY. We had a small makan time together, enjoyed each other's company and even managed to catch a glimpse of the lion dance next door.

Bought some new plants for the house - Lucky bamboo

Another type of bamboo

Ryan and Jaden, with their first angpow from Yeh Yeh

Papa with Ryan and Yeh-yeh with Samantha in the garden, watching our neighbour's lion dance and fire crackers.

Too many trees. Can you spot the lion on stilts? :p

Jaden with mah-mah

We had an unexpected guest - little Max. The children were thrilled to play with Max, albeit a little while, as Lex has returned home to see his wife.

Pretty Samantha in her cheongsam

Jaden's good friend/cousin - Ethan

The Yuens enjoying a simple meal

The 2 cakes, one from me and another from Yeh Yeh

Papa with the boys and Sam

Ryan happily drew this piece for papa at night. Above the word 'Happy', he drew the family -papa, mama and Ryan, and Jaden below the word (due to space constraint). There's heart shape and balloons everywhere and a number '8' on the paper. Papa was ecstatic to find number 8 = 'fatt' in chinese....haha.... Why 8? I really don't know :p

Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!!!
Brotherly Love
This is one of the moments which I managed to catch on camera. Jaden wanted to go to the toilet one morning but needed help with his PJ. Ryan quickly ran to his brother's rescue before another accident happens....ooooooo

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

JMC Concert

Ryan had his first JMC concert on the 9th January 2009 after completing his first book. Each book takes about 6 months and the entire JMC course takes 2 years.

Ryan has come a long way, from not knowing any keys to being able to play a simple piece with both hands. He has also learned solfege singing, lyric singing, ensemble (singing, rhythm and keyboard), music appreciation, rhythm training and workbook (reading/writing).

During the concert, those skills were tested and each student was required to play on the keyboard a piece which they have selected.

1. Group Presentation : Whale Sneezes

2. Solo : See You Tomorrow

3. Group rhythm : Pa-Pa-Pa Parade

Jaden also came for the concert and pretended to play on the keyboard :)
The kids current favourite playmate at home :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Friend

A new friend came to stay with us on 1 January 2009. His name is Lexus, Lex for short. My friend, Kaw May has been persuading me to take the dog, but somehow, since I'm so scared of dogs, I've agreed to adopt Lex for a month. He's a beautiful, or rather handsome golden retriever, very playful indeed and loves attention. And most importantly, the boys love him. Ryan has been asking for a dog since zillion years ago and this is the best I could fulfil his dream, even though he does not know, yet, that I intend to return him to the owner after a month. He told us on the first day 'I wish the dog could stay with us one thousand million years'. In his little interpretation, it means forever......

On Sunday, a day before the school term begins, we brought the kids for a haircut. Yes, little Jaden is going to school now with big brother Ryan. Unlike koko, lil' boy loves to go to school and looks forward to school these past 2 mornings :)
Below a pic of cheeky boy with his new haircut.