Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back from Singapore

Well. I'm back at work and back from Singapore. 1st things 1st - Tony Roma's was excellent! I tried the Rib Sampler (4 different flavours). Conclusion - I think the originals are the best.

Anyways, I have decided to take Krystal to the Sunway Pyramid one this weekend since she loves ribs as well. We'll see how they go w/o pork though....

Some quick conclusions from Singapore:

1) Mobile phones are really cheap (yes - you knew that already).

Could get a SE K800i (the Cybershot one!) for SGD618 (w/o GST). That's like RM1400+ only compared to our super ridiculous RM2k official price (or around 18-1900 on the market apparently).

You can also get a Nokia N73 for around SGD720. Come on man... that is so tempting!!!

2) The overall cost of living is Singapore is lower than Malaysia (yes, you knew that too)

I hate all the nonsense (ie. crap) about Msia being cheap - it isn't - and don't let anyone fool you otherwise. Yes, it can be cheap if you buy a kancil and eat at hawkers everyday and stay in a low cost apartment. But otherwise, it is actually cheaper to stay in Singapore and many other places. (OK degenerating into complaining here)

If you earn SGD for a living - for the same job, you'd probably get at least 80% dollar for dollar of your current salary for a comparable job there. Sometimes even more. And with that kind of money, trust me, EVERYTHING there is cheaper than we are used to.

Just say you earn 10k here and you earn 8k in Singapore. The 8k you have in Singapore can buy you so much more. And I'm not even talking about Cars, etc. Housing isn't an excuse either. If you can buy a RM500k condo here, buying an SGD500k condo is pretty good as well.

But I guess we have been born in Malaysia for a reason lah!! ;)

God bless

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wow.. I'm back :)

Well... after another long period, though I would do a minor update before I get out of here.

Going over the Singapore tomorrow for a short little trip. Decided to stay the night so that I can check out some stuff.... but most probably just going to make sure I get a good dose of BBQ Ribs at Tony Roma's lah!!! (Already found that I'll be staying near Suntec Mall so there's one right there :) )

BTW I did hear that there's a branch in Malaysia that opened in Sunway Pyramid... I wonder about the menu though.... guess they would have to serve just beef ribs and that wouldn't be the same!

Will also give me a chance to catch up with an old friend and pay him the SGD299 I owe him for buying me a new graphics card!! Hahaha...

Here's a quick look a Jaden in his Bumbo seat!
(just love his special Dragon Ball Hairstyle eh... it's still standing today!!!)

Becoming cuter all the time! (and Ryan is becoming naughtier!!!)

And for those who don't know, Battlestar Galactica is back on Season 3!!! Go check it out at www.scifi.com/battlestar and you know where else ;)

Personally, this is one of the better series around... but then I hardly follow any series anyways. It started out a bit corny but after watching a couple of episodes, I was hooked. And yes, Adeline, I do still have all the CDs that I'm supposed to burn the episodes into!!! (so sorry, but the lack of a CD burner on my desktop just really makes me too lazy)