Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Homework time

We enrolled Ryan for mandarin classes early this year and touch wood, he has been coping well thus far, considering we're all 'bananas' at home. For a start, the classes are twice a week, 1 hour each session. I did not want to over-stress him, so just enrol for the 1 hour class for now.

Yesterday, he surprised me by doing his mandarin homework without prompting. Normally, I'll have to sit next to him twice a week to ensure that all homework is done.

Ryan concentrating hard

Nearly finishing - peace sign :)


Monday, March 23, 2009

Jaden's New Bicycle

Last Saturday, popo decided to bring Jaden to the bicycle shop at Centerpoint to buy an early birthday present for the grandson. Don't know why, it never cross my mind to buy a bicycle for Jaden, maybe because he's my youngest and I never thought that he would be ready to cycle so soon.

So the night before, during bedtime, I told the lil boy that popo will be bringing him to the bicycle shop tomorrow after lunch to buy a new bicycle. He was really eager to get his own bike, also because koko has one, and it's slightly 'too' big for him. I told him that he would also need to hug and kiss popo for the kind gesture. Note: he's rather afraid of gong-gong and popo as he's a timid boy and not used to their house and environment during our normal visit.

Come Saturday afternoon, we went to popo's house as planned. The lil' boy went up to popo to hug and kiss her without much persuasion. Popo was caught by surprise too! Haha...thanks to mama's ground work the night before :p

At Centerpoint, Jaden tried a bright blue shiny bicycle and that was the bicycle we brought home. He did not want any other bicycles even though a 'size' bigger would be more suitable for him as he's a tall boy. Anyhow, he couldn't pedal by himself at the shop since it was his first attempt.

He fell asleep in the car during the journey home and when he awoke from his afternoon nap, he was looking for his bicycle again. After a few attempts, he could pedal by himself! Well done boy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mamma Mia

Like many kids, my boys love Mamma Mia songs too, and they can go dancing and singing for the longest time. Below is a short clip of Ryan and Jaden dancing to 'Lay All Your Life on Me'. In the clip, you can see:
1. Ryan doing his funny dance, occassionally break-dancing as well....haha
2. Jaden singing '.....your e-mo-tions....'
3. Jaden, the monkey, climbing all over the couch
4. Jaden playing an imaginary guitar
5. Ryan 'Yes!' at the end of the song

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not-so-Bento Creation

I'm really not a bento person but absolutely love to buy bento tools - because they're cute! hehe... Until today, many of the tools are still wrapped nicely in their wrappers. So during the weekend, I took the alphabet cutters to make Ryan and Jaden's name. The naughty Ryan ate all of J-A-D-E-N 's alphabets but didn't want to eat any of his R-Y-A-N....really naughtly fella :p

And thanks to Annie's nice Mickey Mouse love shape bento box gift to Ryan, it made a beautiful snack creation for Ryan's breakfast.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Stanley the Clown

We went to two 'parties' on Saturday, 28 February 2009 and coincidentally, the organisers engaged the services of the same clown - Stanley. I guess there aren't many good clowns around and words do get around.

We were at Eddy's daughter, Kai Xin 4th birthday party at Sheraton Subang hotel in the morning. Ryan and Jaden didn't want to participate in the games organised and it somewhat surprised me a little as I always think that Ryan is an extrovert. Ryan preferred to play with his gun, which he insisted to bring along.

Eddy and family

Jaden with the name decor

Ryan, with his gun, which actually belongs to papa some 20 years ago.

Kai Xin with Ashley

Jaden playing bouncing

Ryan, Jaden and Kai Xin

Later, we proceeded to Praise Emmanuel Children's Home (PECH) to visit the underprivileged children. Rosalyn, who's from our cell group, has engaged Stanley to entertain the kids for 2 hours, additionally, we and our oikos also mingled together with the children.

Since we were apprehensive that the kids would be afraid of the clown initially, we instructed him to dress and make-up in front of them. The 'trick' worked as the kids eased and relaxed themselves in the presence of the clown.

Group photo

Clown with the magic colouring book

Ryan and Jaden amused by the clown acts

All in all, it was an enjoyable outing and we managed to collect a reasonable amount for the house as well :)