Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Saturday

We brought the kids to a lawatan sambil belajar to Monsters & Dinosaurs exhibition at Mid Valley last Saturday. We remembered to bring the Astro bill to enjoy a RM4 discount on the adult tickets, thanks to information on chumsyashley blog :) The boys were thrilled to see the dinos although we thought it was a bit 'pathetic' - only a few dinos exhibit and bugs; and they also have a huge giant shoe there, which we thought have nothing to do with the exhibition.

Praying Mantis

Dino in the background - Apotosaurus? Forgot the name....

Unicorn Beetle

After the exhibition, we went to Pet Wonderland. The boys adore dogs and were asking where the puppies were. Luckily, it was 'Exercise time' for the puppies. The puppies were out of their cages in stages and the kids just love observing them.
We were so tired after that but we still have not completed our 'task' for the day. It'll be Jaden's birthday this Saturday and we still have not bought him a present. After McD, off we went to ToysRus to get some stuff.

Slide at ToysRus

We had a short rest at home and had to rush out for grand-mama's birthday dinner.

What a busy busy day! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anne Musikschule

Recently, I've enrolled Jaden into Anne musikschule. The class was highly recommended by a mother who sends her daughter to the Yamaha JMC class, which Ryan attends. Since Jaden is too young to start the JMC course (and also I prefer not to sit through the same JMC course for Jaden for 2 years!), I thought it would be good to try another program.

Anne musikschule uses the German word, which reflects the use of Orff Schulwork, a music-teaching approach developed by German composer Carl Orff (1895-1982), the man who created Carmina Burana. Orff’s approach was based on the belief that the easiest method of teaching music to children is to draw out the student’s inherent attraction for rhythm and melody and allow these to develop in natural ways.

One of the more popular courses is Music and Movement using the Orff Schulwork approach.

Apart from learning music at the centre, all students are expected to be involved in the many performances and activities that are held throughout the year. These performances range from ensembles to charity concerts. Most of these concerts aim to raise funds for the less fortunate. The centre wants the students to feel that by being part of charity concerts and fund raising activities, they can contribute at a young age to the less fortunate. Besides the Music and Movement course, the centre offers courses on stringed instruments (violin, viola and cello), harp, xylophone, piano, guitar (classical, electric or acoustic), drums, keyboards, as well as vocal training, and a rock music school.

Monday, April 20, 2009

US Kids Golf Learning Program

We brought Ryan to the Introductory Golf Course for kids at Tropicana Golf driving range yesterday. He seemed to enjoy the lesson and even able to hit some good shots. The experience was different from Kindergolf since the lesson was held in a driving range and not in an enclosed shop lot. And most importantly, the coach is a male (for Ryan, he likes instructors who are strong, big and all qualities of masculinity). Previously, the coach at Kindergolf was a female and he detest going after the trial class.

Ryan, listening to instructions. Co-coach Iqbal in the background.

Standing behind the safety line, waiting for his turn.

Listening to coach James instructions. James is a Class A member British PGA.

The US Kids golf learning program provides structured learning:
  • specifically designed for US Kids Golf by PGA Master Professional John Godwin (USA)
  • junior friendly terminology
  • standardised format to benefit kids and instructors
  • 3 skill levels (Level 1, 2 & 3)
  • 5 topics at each level (Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge and Scoring)
  • forms and skills 'mastery' required at each level
  • practical skills and oral tests before moving to the next level
  • internationally recognised certification

There is also a US Kids instructional booklet for every student, achievement pins awarded for successful completion of each topic and certificate awarded before progressing to the next level.


And what is little Jaden up to nowadays?

He loves painting. For the past 2 nights, before bedtime, he'll request for his paint brush and he'll 'unleash' his creative skills before going to bed...haha....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photo Printing Made Easy....

....by EOE Online. This is a cool website, which I got to know from a fellow friend, Juliana. Thanks Julie for sharing! (well, I guess you got to if you participate in the Blogger's Review Program...haha)

Ok, this is how e-Print works....it's as easy as abc....
1. Create a login (if you're a first-time user)
2. Select photos
3. Upload the whole bunch using Easy Upload (believe me, it's faster than facebook and much more convenient. I went for a short meeting, and when I came out, upload was completed)
4. Select print size
5. Pay via bank transfer and viola!....kau tim :)

To top it, for people like me who dislikes paying delivery charges, EOE offers free delivery for orders above RM35! Definitely a plus point! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

70th Birthday Celebration

We celebrated gong-gong's 70th birthday on Saturday, 11th April 2009 at Noble House, off Jalan Imbi. Dad invited 5 tables of guests and we had a lavish dinner, with bird nest, shark fin soup, abalone, white pomfret, etc. etc.

9sum brought a very nice and unusual cake - mahjong table, complete with dice and 'money' for my dad, who's heavily into mahjong now.

Gong-gong and popo, laughing with the 5 grandchildren

Found this cute Jaden in Ultraman mask, who had just returned from outer space :p (notice the luggage bag in the background). Ryan and Jaden like to play-pretend, that they have just returned from overseas (just like their dad, who had been travelling to Singapore very often nowadays) and taking the taxi home :) 'Ok bye.....'

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Change in WV Child

I've been sponsoring this girl, Batoul Ali from Lebanon since 2 years back, and recently, her family moved out of the Marjeyoun ADP (Area Development Programme) area and as such, the project office will not be able to continue to provide help and monitor on the child's progress. World Vision then, assigned another sponsor child to me.

Shamoun Heya Ahmad is a cute 2+ year old girl and WV provided me with the following particulars:

Sex : Female
Birthday : 29/01/07
Grade : Not in School
Favourite Subject : None
Health : Satisfactory
Handicap : None
Chores : Doesn't help - too young
Live with : Parents
Status of Mother : Married
Status of Father : Married
Job Status - Mother : Employed - Office helper
Job Status - Father : Unemployed
Brother : 0
Sister : 0

Hmm....I wonder why the father is not working.....house-husband or economic crunch? How I wish I have a lil girl like her.....*drool* :p