Thursday, July 27, 2006

In Bangkok

Just came back from a short session shopping in Bangkok. Didn't get much but had to go out since I needed to update my flight ticket at the MAS office. Unfortunately the ticketing counter only opens at 8:30 AM and my flight on Saturday will be at 9:00. Took the chance to check out hte Central Dept store nearby and visit Siam Paragon and Siam Center.

Siam Paragon is really upmarket - very much like StarHill - but maybe a bit more than that. Strangely there is are showrooms for supercars as well - Ferrari, Porshe, Masserati and Lambourghini. Crazy!

Anyways, I regret that I didn't get the K800i before coming here - would have taken a bunch of shots. The highlight would have been our river cruise dinner hosted by the Thai partner. Food was not bad, but it was nice to be on the river and hang out on the top deck after dinner.

Need to post an update on Ryan's party - will do so when I get back. Took lots of video but not much pictures (due to lack of cooperation from my other half... :P )

Anyways, just share the view from my hotel room outside the Chao Phraya river.

And now, a mandatory cutie pie shot (my current phone background) :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The two brothers :)

HAHA.... just had to put this up since I'm at home and have access to my pictures. Don't they just look like brothers :) check out the resemblance and their features. Eyebrows, nose, mouth, ... only the eyes are slightly different.

Krystal says that Ryan followed me in that sense while Jaden is more like her. Sure or not???

Anyways, a few more pictures of Mr. Cute. (aaarrgh.... must... shut .. down... azureus... before ... uploading... taking .... forever.....)

Getting ready for Ryan's party on Sunday. Got a lot of baloons to blow + some decorations to put up. Hopefully we have enough food yeah ;)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Ryan's 2nd Birthday Party

Alright!! We'll be celebrating Ryan's 2nd birthday party this Sunday. Looking forward to it as we didn't do one last year :( as I was travelling. We did have a mini-celebration with both Mama and Yeh Yeh around - so that was not too bad :)

We're getting him a Thomas the Tank Engine cake (his favourite!)

Hopefull the actual will come out pretty close!! :) haha

Meanwhile, I'm considering getting a 'new' mobile phone since my temporary brick (SE Z1010) is just not so 'on' lah. Been wanting to get one for a long time - but the Nokia n80 I feel is just too expensive. Can't get myself to pay more than 2k for a phone lah - not worth it.

Having said that, this looks pretty cool. The K800i :D See if I can tahan lah - else you'll see it at Ryan's bday party!!!