Friday, July 25, 2008

Of Body and Sex.....

Mama came home from work one day and decided to take shower. Lil' Ryan insisted that he follow mama to the bathroom.

Mama: Ryan, why don't you play down here with didi and kakak?
Ryan: No, I want to follow mama upstairs

Mama went upstairs and took off baju.

Ryan: Mama, where's your kuku-bird?
Mama: Kuku-bird is for boys only. Mama is a girl - no kuku-bird. Got pet-pet
Ryan: Pet-pet? What's pet-pet? Can I touch?
Mama: NO! Cannot touch...Pet-pet is for she-she

Mama went into the shower area.

Ryan: Mama, you got ton-ton.... (I didn't teach him this word, I think he learned from
Can I drink milk from your ton-ton?
Mama: Mama don't have any more milk
Ryan: How come mama don't have any more milk for me?
Mama: *not sure how to answer* Because mama is not a COW! lol

*geling kepala* I've got to go through this with Jaden again next time.....*sigh*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ryan's 4th Birthday!

We had a small family gathering at our house on Saturday, 19 July 2008 to celebrate Ryan's 4th birthday. The early celebration was arranged to ensure that papa would be around for the party before his flight to Bangkok and Toronto on Sunday morning.

Ryan specifically requested for a Transformer cake and Auntie Ruijing obliged even tho' it looked pretty difficult to come up with such a cake :p Her supplier printed the transformer pictures onto sugar paper and voila, result as below. Print colour is apparently food safe but to be double safe, we took it out before eating :)

Ryan wanted me to take a photo of him dancing naked, so there you go. There's something about children and nakedness, they really love being naked and I wonder why :p

Friday, July 11, 2008

BPA free bottles

I know I've not been a good blogger, hardly any updates for more than 1 month now :p Sorie...

But I've been a good mama or rather I hope I am one :)

I've been researching a lot on internets on baby-safe products, in particular baby bottles and recently, I've got a new addiction - cloth diapers! I've been spending so much time on the internet and I think hubby is really annoyed with me too :) Sorry dear....

These pictures were taken some time back but basically what we did was to replace our easy-to-use plastics bottles with aluminium Sigg bottles and children's Avent milk bottles to MAM BPA-free bottles. BPA is actually Bisphenol-A, which is a type of chemical that manufacturers include in polycarbonate plastic manufacturing to ensure that the plastic bottles do not break easily upon impact. BPA has been known to leach from the plastic lining of canned foods and, to a lesser degree, polycarbonate plastics that are cleaned with harsh detergents or used to contain acidic or high-temperature liquids.

BPA is also believed to be carcinogenic. Studies on laboratory mice were performed and the possible effects are listed below (obtained from wikipedia):

  • Permanent changes to genital tract
  • Changes in breast tissue that predispose cells to hormones and carcinogens
  • Increased prostate weight 30%
  • Lower bodyweight, increase of anogenital distance in both genders, signs of early puberty and longer estrus
  • Decline in testicular testosterone
  • Breast cells predisposed to cancer
  • Prostate cells more sensitive to hormones and cancer
  • Decreased maternal behaviors
  • Reversed the normal sex differences in brain structure and behavior

So, you scared or not? I vely scared loh....