Monday, September 11, 2006

Wah... total lack of updates.

Been really lazy and have not updated. Not to mention the fact that newer photos are on my home PC and I rarely post from home.

Anyways, quick updates.

1) Got our car delivered. Best part - we got free leather seats :) haha ... managed to squeeze into C&C's current promotion. MUCH MUCH better than the normal fabric seats. Overall it's doing fine.

2) Handed over the mini to buyer. Took quite a while to settle everything, but glad that's settled. Krystal was a bit sentimental about selling it off. Hahaha.. understand. Unfortunately, not in any position to keep 3 cars at the moment :)

3) Came back from India attending an ISACA conference. The place is actually quite sad with many extremes. From 5 star hotels to maximum poverty side-by-side. Apparently, from years of mismanagement (and other reasons) of funds by the peoples in power. We may have lots of complaints about Malaysia and the govt. but we're WAY more advanced than them. Something we should really be thankful for.

4) Still haven't bought a new phone :) hahahahahahaa....... probably won't buy one until current one KOs..... as right now I seem to be so tempted to get a set of Mizuno MP-60s :D

5) finally sold off all my stocks in MS (not that I had many.....). But at least I didn't loose money considering the stupid stock price!!!! Having said that... need to follow-up with why they haven't wired me the money!!!! AAARGH

Later (and it may be much later...)