Thursday, April 05, 2007

All Petrols are not created equal....?

Wow.. seems like forever since I last blogged. But just thought I'd put this up.

Was low on fuel some time ago and the only place that was convenient was BHP petrol... yes the one by Boustead group - previously jointly owned with BP.

After the fill-up and driving around for a while, it really seemed like my car had no power. In fact, I found that I had to use the sport mode so often as it was just not responsive..... anything wrong with my car??????? (hope not!!)

Finally used up most of the BHP today and was back to Shell. THANKFULLY, my car now feels back to normal. It just seems that it's noticeably more responsive. And I don't use that premium fuel either - I'm just using the green fuel economy version.

Always felt that all the advertising about differences in fuel and all was NOT TRUE. I always thought that the feeling was more psychological than anything. Seems like there may be some facts behind it.

I did read somewhere though that the 'freshness' of the fuel is important as well.... so considering that BHP doesn't get much business, that could play a role. Note that Project promotes their fuel on the claim of 'freshness'... something like delivered daily (or something like that!!)

All I can say is that I'm not going back to BHP anytime soon!