Friday, October 05, 2007

Backdated post - Third Floor restaurant and Lantern Festival

Papa was kind to bring mama to the exclusive Third Floor restaurant at Marriot on mama's special day. We deliberated for a long while - whether to go or not - 'cos mama was feeling a bit thrifty while papa the total opposite. But anyway, to cut the long story short, we went in the end :)

The ambience was romantic and rather quiet, except for a group of diners, who left after a short while. All we thought was it would be a private dining experience for both of us until another couple came in :p

Papa ordered the Chef's Specialties, which is a 7-course meal set and the menu was to be a surprise for both of us throughout the night. A very interesting idea - that way we get to sample the chef's specialty dishes and also to lift up our excitement throughout the night :)

Before the waiter came with the appetiser, we had a free sample of a cheese tart, specially made by the chef. The appetiser was some creamy scallop thingy with caviar. The taste was really unique and mama thoroughly enjoyed each spoonful.

Papa had this broiled quail

Mama had the crab stuffed spring roll.

Oh, both of us agreed that this is the best for the night - seared foie gras with caramelised fig. It's really yummy - gosh, thinking about it makes my drool...

This is a Tasmanian salmon dish with something like seaweed on top.

Main meal - seared beef fillet with mushroom sauce

For mama who loves dessert - this is a must to finish even tho' we were so stuffed - Chocolate cake with ice cream - It was just simply delicious. The warm liquid chocolate flowed out from the middle and together with the ice cream, it was heavenly.

They added a personal touch to it by remembering that it was mama's special day. Papa made the reservation and mentioned to them about mama's birthday and they remembered! And they surprised us with this free strawberry mousse cake!

This petit four platter came with the freshly brewed coffee/tea.

This mineral water alone costs RM23...aiseh! Mama felt like taking the bottle home but darn..paiseh man...


Lantern Festival

The two boys had the opportunity to walk around the neighbourhood with their lanterns during the recent Lantern Festival, thanks to Aunty Shirley and Uncle Richard's invitation to their house. Lil' Jaden also joined in the fun...

p.s. All the above pics were taken using papa's hp/camera, so a bit blur...sorie ya!