Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blog hiatus....

Mama had been on a super long hiatus.... reason being:

1. Mama sat for a professional paper on 15 November 2007 - need some time to study lah :p

2. We moved in to our new house on 2 December 2007. Surprisingly, there were so many things to pack and move from the condo, so much so that until now, not all things have been shifted yet. We didn't get any movers and all work/shifting was done with the help of church friends - a big thank you to Edmund, Rosalyn, Vincent, Ronnie, Ivy, Leuk! :)

3. Our Indon maid suddenly decided not to come back to Malaysia after her 1-month break. We were frantically looking for a new maid after we found that she decided not to come back on 26 October 2007. Our new maid, kakak Els just arrived on 15 December 2007, about 1.5 months after the 'disappearance' of kakak Mima.

4. We went for a work-cum-family holiday trip to Hong Kong from 5 December to 9 December 2007. Mama had a business meeting in HK on 6 December (which didn't really materialise), so it was somewhat a paid-for trip for mama with family tagging along :)

And of course, the 2 boys tagged along. We contemplated for a while, whether we should bring Jaden along, but in the end, Jaden followed us as we did not have the heart to leave him behind. So how did papa managed while mama was away at the convention center in HK? (Mama had to visit some booths at the HK Convention and Exhibition Center even tho' the business meeting did not materialise). Haha....it is 'his' story 'cos mama did not know what happened at the hotel room...or rather 'no eye see' :p

Some pics....

Ryan with his newly bought Transformer toy at Toys R Us HK

Ryan at the HK ferry pier

Ryan at the Disneyland Resort Station, just before entering Disneyland

Ryan and Jaden playing near the space shuttle

Family photo with the brightly lighted castle as background