Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Carcosa High Tea

Sometime back, we brought my mum to Carcosa to savor its English High Tea before its closure end of last year. I still vividly remember the yummy scones topped with strawberry jam and cream during my last visit many years back. Somehow, I've to say that their standard somewhat dropped and the high tea doesn't taste that good for the price :(

Took a few photos of the Dining Room for remembrance :p

We sneaked upstairs too to peep at the rooms. Apparently, my parents stayed here before as the minister-in-attendance during the Japanese emperor's stay in Malaysia. Each room came with butler service - quite glam lah.

Note: While walking up the creaky colonial stairs with papa, Ryan commented 'Hey papa, the stairs did not break under your weight'.....cheeky fella :p

Nice ambience

Me and my mum. Jaden said 'Where's my food?'
Darling, they do not serve noodles or fried rice here. The 2 boys were so bored and they slept throughout the session.

The 3-tiered High Tea treats - too sweet for our liking :(

Jaden posing outside in the garden.