Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What happens when your son is too active and can't sleep at night...

I'm swimming!!! :)

A small birthday dinner

Yes! It was my birthday recently. And it was Australia Day as well!! haha.. not that it has anything to do with me.

Just went for a simple dinner at Ming Room BSC since I had a craving for eating Peking Duck and somehow, two people it's impossible to order lah!!!

Mom and Kelvin came as well. Overall, dinner was great and Krystal kindly paid for it :)

Here's a small family photo, plus one with Ryan and Samantha.
Guess what! The soup cost us the same amount as all the other dishes combined!!! hahaha...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wah... finally got update!

Yes, have not updated in ages. Not TOTALLY my fault. Busyness, lazyness, Internet down + company seems to be blocking update connections to blogger.....

Anyways a good but quiet New Year. But a refreshing one in many senses. (also if you see Mr. Cute Jaden here... you should feel better!)

I have never made New Year resolutions, but I thought that I should, since if I don't - I'll just not make any effort to improve anything!!! haha (see lazyness above)

Many things I need to do, but I guess if I round it up to the highest, highest level, it's about 3 things

1) Spiritually
2) Personally & Family
3) Work

wah... can I be more ambiguous... but since this blog is not really targeted at telling anyone stories... nevermindlah.... But in essense it's read more, learn more and focus more on other people

Ryan's been unwell for the whole week :( unfortunately. Been to Doctor twice already.

Anyways, time for more pictures!!!! (no prizes for guessing where we usually go on weekends)