Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Singapore Trip

Singapore here we come!

We were at the Lion City for a short holiday last Saturday from 6 June to 8 June. It was really too short a holiday, so much so that we'd hardly enough time to visit places, shop, or even look up friends. Nonetheless, we tried to squeeze our itinerary with as much fun-filled activities for the boys and as much shopping as we could.

Our journey started at 10.30am on Saturday...'lo n behold, we couldn't imagine what awaited for us at the highway ahead from Sungai Besi toll to Seremban to Melaka. My gawd, massive jam, and bumper to bumper drive all the way. We contemplated turning back a few times but even the turn-off was jam-ed up. So how? Sit in the car lor and entertain the kids, who kept on asking 'Where are we going?' 'Why so long one?' 'I want to go there by aeroplane' 'I want to see the bridge now' 'I want to go to the zoo now'

Ryan says he wants to fly to S'pore

Look at the bumper-to-bumper jam

Jaden eating his sausage bread in the car

Stopover at the Restoran Jejantas at Ayer Keroh

The jam cleared after the Melaka turn-off and we continued our journey.

Again, at Tuas (Second Link), the queue was horrible, and we were unfortunate to experience kiasu Singaporean drivers, who refuse to give way.

Finally, at the bridge! Now, the GPS came in handy to bring us to Watten Estate Road, where we stayed for 2 nights. We finally reached my auntie's house at 6.30pm, after being 8 hours on the road!!

Early next morning, we went to Suntec City to buy tickets for the Ducktour (highly recommended by Yvonne). We paid RM100 for 2 adults and 2 children, as they were having half-price promotion for Malaysians and we were allowed to pay in RM. Unfortunately, there were not enough seats for the 10am tour (and the 11am and 12pm tours have been chartered), so we ended up with the 1pm tour. With so much time in hand, we went shopping at Robinsons and later had lunch at Tony Roma's. We thought the pork ribs were so-so only, rather disappointing, as we'd our hopes high....haiya, standard really jatuh...

The boys with their cousin, Ben.

Ben and Jaden, with a skeleton. Ryan hid behind Jaden as he was scared (Only a teeny weeny of his green shoes are showing)

Ryan, Ben, Jaden and Nic mesmerised by the fountain....

After Tony Roma's, we rushed for our Ducktour. The boys really enjoyed sitting in the 'duck'.

After the ducktour, we shopped again, till we drop dead (rather the children dropped dead tired). We headed home for a short nap, had dinner at a nearby chinese restaurant before heading to the Night Safari. My cousin, Michael joined us with his son, Ben while his wife had to put little Nicholas to sleep.
Again, at Night Safari, we enjoyed the half price promotion for admission (tram ride no promotion), paid RM66 and another SGD30 for the tram ride.
Why does Ryan has so many funny expression?

Tram ride

Next morning (Monday) we'd breakfast, spent some time with my auntie, played and 'tortured' the house dog before heading to Orchard Road for more Great Singapore Sale!

The journey home was a brisk, left Orchard Road about 2.30/3pm and reached KL before 7pm!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Level 1 US Kids Golf

Ryan had completed his 6-weeks Level 1 US Kids Golf program and will be taking a break before advancing to Level 2. Coach James commented that Ryan is well advanced for his age and is definitely ready for Level 2. However, Papa is hesitant to send him for Level 2 just yet as he wants him to practise more at home. So, we'll see how and will decide in a month's time.

Below some pics taken during some of the classes.

In the putting green.

Jaden practising his swing at the driving range.

Ryan perfecting his iron shot.

At the bunker, listening to coach James.

Ryan's practice shot.

His turn to wait.