Thursday, October 30, 2008

Raya Open House

Our division (together with Legal) hosted our annual Hari Raya Open House yesterday. It is our culture for each division to host their Open House during Raya and this year is no exception. For the past week, we have been savoring delicacies from other divisions and yesterday, it was our turn to 'gotong-royong' to decorate the place and prepare the food (not all though, 'cos the main food are catered).

Below some pics to share on the decor and food....

These tartlets are made by my colleagues....many were involved, including male colleagues :)

Lebanese style cooking - lamb. It's tender soft

and nasi briyani + ayam

Doing my job as a 'favour' giver, somehow, was caught in action by my colleague.

Relaxing after the event...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breakthrough.... cutting hair!!

We brought the kids to the Indian barber on Saturday as they were overdue for a hair cut.

Previously, Ryan and Jaden will kick a fuss at the barber. But last Saturday, papa started the ball rolling by getting his hair cut first while letting the 2 boys watch him. Ryan then, sat by himself next to papa (he has never sat by himself before but always on our lap, although he doesn't cry).

He can even managed a smile :)

The handsome boy after his haircut.

After koko's turn, it was Jaden's turn to sit on the chair. While Ryan was having his haircut, I kept on asking Jaden, whether he would want his hair cut like koko. He gave me a resounding 'Yes' each time. I wanted to reaffirm him that it was ok.

Throughout the 'process', he was a bit scared (evident by the pic below) but he never cried (and he sat by himself!)

I'm so proud of my 2 boys!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ipoh Makan Trip

We were in Ipoh over the weekend for a short cell group retreat.

Apart from Ipoh being famous for 'leng luis', Ipoh is also famous for food, especially shredded chicken hor fun soup *yums*

So, it was not surprising that our trip turned out to be a makan trip throughout. After checking-in at Meru Valley apartment, we headed to a seafood restaurant at Jelapang for lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the apartment for some well-needed rest.

This is us having chicken and bean sprout for supper, and that was right after our dinner at Maria's Cafe :0

Pics below taken at the Lim Tapah family home.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Potty Learning

This lil prince of mine has since graduated from using cloth diapers during the daytime to potty learning. Accidents still happen occasionally but yesterday, he showed marked improvement in his ability to inform us of his need to 'pee'. He still say he wants to 'poo poo' when he wants to 'shee shee'. I guess it's difficult for him to differentiate.


Ultraman Brothers

Ryan and Jaden are extremely playful nowadays and since koko shows an interest in Ultraman, lil' didi loves Ultraman too due to the influence. I managed to capture the playful brothers, showing their Ultraman stunts and somersaulting continuously.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


It was the third day of Hari Raya. We brought the kids to 1 Utama to have lunch and later to jalan-jalan. Ryan wanted to find his Ultraman figurine, a specific type with 2 horns (I've forgoten the name already) but we couldn't find it at ToysRUs or Jusco. We then proceeded to have lunch at Canton-I.
After lunch, I wanted to buy some items from Guardian. I left the boys with papa at Speedy video shop as they wanted to look at some dvds. After a short while, I heard papa shouting 'Have you seen Jaden?' 'No, isn't he with you?'
I walked out of Guardian and saw Ryan, but Jaden was nowhere to be seen. The panic feeling started to seep in and I saw papa walking and running frantically up and down, asking people/guards if they have seen a little boy. My first instinct was to carry Ryan, to ensure that he's safe with me and to prevent him from running away. Many thoughts went through my mind including one with the possibility that Jaden has been abducted. Tears trickled down my cheeks and Ryan asked 'Mummy, why are you crying?' 'Oh no, I don't have didi to play with me anymore....'
Meanwhile, another kind mama, who's carrying her baby, helped to look for Jaden after obtaining some basic info on colour of clothing and age of Jaden. Thank you mama....
After a short while, I saw papa carrying Jaden. What a relief man..... Thank you Lord for finding Jaden and returning him to us!
Apparently, tis lil' wanderer of ours has wandered off from the video shop, walked pass Jusco supermarket, towards the direction of the hotel. A young couple brought the sobbing Jaden to the information counter outside Burger King and waited. The kind uncle was actually consoling Jaden when papa came to the rescue. Phew!
I wasn't really keeping the time but I would think all these happened in less than 20 minutes.
These are some tips I got from the internet as I was researching on ways to prevent children getting lost:
1. Put safe, easily accessible contact information on your child
2. Dress children in bright, special 'Away from Home' clothing
3. Carry a recent photo and description of each child
4. Teach your child to ask another mommy for help
5. Reinforce good behaviour