Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Chinese New Year is around the corner!

Wow... time certainly flies and now CNY is just around the corner! AND I haven't bought any new clothes yet!!! (Somehow never really got into the must wear new clothes thing...)

This year, will be my 10th year going to Gerakan Open House at PGRM (now time really flies). To all of you who have not tried going to one of the 'Open House' events.... do give it a shot.... you can come across all sorts of 'characters' there :D

Anyways, our plans this year will be slightly different. We will be going to Ipoh on the afternoon straight after the Open House and will only be back Tuesday evening/night. So I will be missing out on anything going on back here, but on the plus side, I hope traffic is much better than travelling on Day 2.

Of course, I'm also looking forward to Dad coming back for the Reunion dinner. Coincidentally, last week, Ryan just asked 'see Yeh Yeh?' :) I had to tell him next week only, Yeh Yeh coming back soon.

I'll probably be on leave the whole CNY week, but somehow have a meeting set-up on Thursday morning!!! (Client lah!!) Maybe try to squeeze in some golf somewhere!!!

Also spending a lot of time thinking about our home renovation as well as the anticipated costs $$$$$$$. If all goes well, we should be in our new place by May (hopefully in time for Mr. Jaden aka Happy Boy's 1st Birthday Party!!!!). In fact, the timing will also coincide with DUMC's move to the new Dream Center!!!! (Year of Transition indeed!! Praise God)

Anyways, to anyone who is coming to visit me, Ryan and Jaden will be here to welcome you :)