Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!

It was papa's birthday last Saturday and mama wanted it to be a memorable day for papa - so, mama arranged for a couple spa at Jentayu Spa! Why Jentayu? Firstly, the place is just 1 minute drive from our house. Mama has heard quite a lot about this spa belonging to Sheila Majid, so why not give it a try.... Moreover, the price is rather reasonable as well - A Spa treatment plus Hair Creamebath (4+ hours) for RM280. Where to get!!!!

We arrived at Jentayu for our 2pm appointment on Sunday. The 7 ladies working there are all Indonesians so we had to speak Malay to them. No problem for us but what about foreigners...nah...I guess they mostly deal with locals and frequent clients. As we sat at the waiting lounge, we went through the menu. Papa decided to take the Just Relax spa package while mama went ahead with the Truly Heavenly Jentayu Spa. The difference between the packages is in the choice of mask, massage oil and body lotion:

Just Relax Spa Treatment

• Body Steam (15mins)
• Body Mask & Scrub - Honey and Sesame Seed scrub (30mins) - exfoliates and throughly nourishes the skin
• Body Massage with Jentayu Bliss Oil (75mins)
• Herbal Bath (15mins)
• Jentayu Bliss Body Lotion

Truly Heavenly Spa Treatment

• Body Steam (15mins)
• Body Mask & Scrub - Mococa scrub – (30mins) - a blend of coffee, cocoa and coconut that stimulates blood circulation
• Body Massage with Jentayu Sensual Oil (75mins)
• Herbal Bath (15mins)
• Jentayu Sensual Body Lotion

When I made the appointment, I told the lady that we wanted a couple room and she offered the gazebo for our treatments together. However, I voiced my concern knowing that the gazebo is located outside the bungalow and incidentally, renovation work has started for the bungalow next door (which coincidentally, is my friend's parents house). Anyhow, each of us got our own rooms - more privacy in a way.

Before we literally stripped ourselves naked, the therapists gave us a foot scrub in a floral foot tub filled with peppermint salts and flowers. Later, we were brought to our room, which is equipped with individual showers, to change into our disposables and towel. We were then brought to the steam room.....OMG, the 15 mins seemed like hours man....

The body mask/scrub and massage were just heavenly and I swear that I heard papa snoring after the mask had been applied even though he refuted :p Throughout the massage, I heard the lady burping and later, she explained that my body had wind but I couldn't release it, therefore the wind passed to her and she released it for such thing one meh....

After our massage, we had our milk bath and the bath tub was actually just below the massage table, a way to save space I presume.

Later, we were escorted up for our hair cremebath. The cremebath is a complete treatment for our crowning glory. It includes hair wash and mask with aloe vera and avocado blend, plus a head, back and hand massage. The Blend was cooling, so it made us felt refreshed after the treatment.

We went home about 6.30pm, after 4.5 hrs at the spa.....and ooh.....we bought the 5+1 package, thinking that it's such a good deal :) Meanwhile, we left the boys at home. We told Ryan that we were going to visit an uncle's house and the uncle had a lion dance show, and mama's gonna fight the lion. He's extremely terrified of lion dance (thanks to a lion dance show during auntie Adeline's wedding :p) and it's our trick to make him stay at home...kekekeke.....)