Monday, November 20, 2006

Time for some pics!

Two shots each of my favourite little boys :) Just love them so much!

The country where we live in

You know, I'm getting really tired of this country that we live in. Malaysia. A country where, despite you being born here, your parents being born here, or even your grandparents, a certain group of people label you as 'pendatang', as a foreigner.

A country, where if you work hard and achieve some measure of financial success, you are considered to have taken from what rightfully belongs to another race.

This group of people continue to believe that they deserve everything, that they deserve wealth and success, just by virtue of their blood and race. The believe that the Chinese have taken or stolen from them what is rightfully theirs.

Excuse me, what has anyone stolen from you? What have I stolen from you? I work, I earn my own living, I pay taxes and I have taken nothing. Have I stolen from you just because you see me as a Chinese? Have I stolen from you just because I have done better than you in some cases? What about those who have done better than me financially? Did they steal from me?

I seriously wonder where some of these people get their ideas from.

All this constant brainwashing and beliefs that have been locked into their system.

At the core of it, I can only consider it one thing. RACISM. There is no other word to describe it. It is as if these people dub themselves as the MASTER race. They even use words to describe it as such.

Also, there is the constant reminder and consequences of 'questioning their rights'. Their position. And this reminder is often linked to the direct/indirect threat of violence. ... bathing in blood.....

Can anyone tell me how people like this are allowed to speak as such and be applauded rather than shamed? Can anyone tell me why this is acceptible behaviour?

Can someone how a Government Leader, a Politician, can endorse such behaviour when faced with their own race, but put on a moderate 'face' in front of the rest of the public. Is this not a lack of sincerity? Is this not a lack of integrity?

Any why do people always justify their wrongs by making accusations, you shouldn't have done that first, you shouldn't have questioned our position, you make such comments at your own poltical gatherings......

Is no one able to stand up and break free of this? Is your position and power so important that you will do anything to gather support.

I cannot stand our country. The country that I have been born in.

If I wanted to be treated as a foreigner, as a 2nd class citizen, I can gladly go elsewhere to achieve that. In fact, I can go elsewhere, be a foreigner, and even earn a better living by getting out of here.

Will my children, born in Malaysia, have to experience this? Will it ever end? Is anyone going to stand up to make a difference?