Friday, October 02, 2009

Outdoor Play

My 2 boys are super active kids and basically, any activities that can tire them will bring lots of fun and joy to them. Over the Raya weekend, we brought them out for lots of outdoor play and fun.

1. We went to Tai Yee's condo for swimming.

Notice that Ryan is super afraid of swmming without his floats, so much so that until now, he's still swimming with his floats! Must make an appointment with a swimming instructor soon :) In the picture below, we encouraged him to put his face under water, so that he can learn to control his breathing and blow bubbles.

Jaden playing 'swim from the shark' with Tai Yee.

2. Cycling outside our house

3. Cycling and playground at TTDI park

Don't they just love slides :p

Ryan and Jaden cycling around the track while papa and mama walked.

Feeding the turtles.

Some kind lady gave us some crackers and bread to feed the catfish, koi and turtles.

And enjoying some icecream before leaving for dinner :)

Cheeky boy

4. Ryan participated in the Golf House Junior Series tournament for the second time on 27 September 2009. He actually played slightly better than his first tournament but since this time round, he was required to tee off from Level 2 (which was much further from Level 1), his score was 73 as compared to 66 previously.
I think this lil' boy did very well competing in the 6&Under category as he'd to compete against those 'bigger' boys who are 2 years his senior (Age calculated as at Jan 09 and those turning 7 during the year would be considered 6 @ Jan09.)

Ryan with Justin

Prize giving


Mommy to Chumsy said...

good activities huh? better than spending time at the mall :) hmm...maybe i should bring ashley's bike to the park next time.

Annie Q said...

hahahha, i think all the boys the same? My boys will never get tired of going to playground!!

Next time should have let the 4 boys play together at the playground. :)