Friday, September 04, 2009

Hi 5 Surprise

We went up to Genting on Merdeka day for the Hi 5 Surprise concert. We initially thought of staying overnight the night before but due to the ridiculously priced Super Peak rooms at First World Hotel (and hubby didn't want to stay in the 'small' deluxe room), we decided to go for a day-trip instead.

We started our journey at around 9.15am on Monday morning and reached Gohtong Jaya before 10am. Thought it was a bit early for brunch, so we continued our journey up.

It was quite a feat to find a parking at Genting even though there were supposed to be thousands of parkings available. Nonetheless, we found a parking after many turns at the basement. Since we planned to be there the whole day (till evening), we brought along a stroller - just in case the boys are tired. It was a bad move though cos Genting is rather a non-disabled friendly place and there were not many lifts available.

Our concert ticket was for 12pm, so we quickly grabbed some food and bought the outdoor theme park tickets for the kids to enjoy after the show.

Ryan wore his face mask while waiting for Papa to buy the theme park tickets. Couldn't get Jaden to wear tho'.

The emptiness of Arena of Star. So few spectators.

On the VIP carpet, with Jaden. We bought the most expensive tickets (RM150, 35% discount) but unfortunately, the boys were not in the mood to dance that day.

Jaden preferred to sit with daddy.

Somehow, the boys didn't really enjoy the new casts - Casey, Stevie, Fely, Tim and Lauren and the songs were not exceptionally entertaining.

After the show, we went to the outdoor theme park. The first ride we went was the Antique car.

Ryan just loves the bumper car. He's really good at manoeuvring the wheel and whenever he bumps into another car, he'll say "Yes!"

Ryan fetching didi as Jaden is too young to drive himself.

Oooooo....and after the dinosaur ride, Ryan braved himself to take a picture with a snake!

Jaden - What's all the fuss about?

Ryan proved himself that he's not a scaredy-cat (by holding the snake) but when it comes to a ride like this one, he's really too scared to go on it. LOL

We managed to catch a glimpse of the 'fire' performance before we headed inside to have our early dinner.

All in all, it was a tiring but fruitful day. By 8.30pm, both boys were already sound asleep :)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Wow, your boys are so brave. The snake look scary... :) Looks like a fun trip for everyone :) My sis did ask me if I want to bring Ashley to this Hi 5 show but i know she won't enjoy the new casts too :) she's too used to the former casts :D

Annie Q said...

Hi 5 show not very crowded? Look quite empty or you all went in before the crowd pour in?

Wah, Ryan was brave! When my last trip there, i ask my boys to take picture with the snake, they said don't want, i scare. hahahaha

LittleLamb said...

oh dear...u paid so expensive for the tixs and at the end..seems that u can select ur own seats!!!!

Ur sons not afraid of the big snake? i would...n would never go near it at all..

Sasha said...

eyor... i see the snake my body shivered. He's sooo brave la. The hi5 show abit disappointing eh? I heard from my niece she like the old casts better.