Friday, April 09, 2010

Marriage Time at Opus Bistro

Ever since papa and myself attended the Marriage Course at DUMC, we try to spend time together as a couple to 'enhance' our relationship. Well, it had not been easy with the 2 boys around and we have to sort of arrange for our MIL (can't really trust the maid 100%) to be in the house to 'look-see' the kids.

Last week, we decided to try out this restaurant, Opus, which is tucked at a tiny corner in Bangsar. They serve Italian, and my main attraction is their foie gra *yums* I wasn't very sure if pregnant ladies are allowed to eat liver, so I limited myself to a few mouthful only :(

Appetiser - Seafood platter

Grilled portobello mushroom salad

My dinner - Roast cod

Papa's dinner - Trio Combo (Lamb, Foie Gras, Beef)

Pregnant @ 5.5 months - Not too fat heh? :p

Sinful dessert - Chocolate desire

We were super stuffed after dessert and was overall happy with the food. *thumbs up*


LittleLamb said...;s always good to spend time alone..:) and 5.5 months SEXY mama here.... so have you got the gender?

etceteramommy said...

U look good and sexy!!! Mmm you didn't put on much. Do u know the gender yet?

Emily said...

mummy you look great, the same youthful look at UKC and don't look a bit at all a pregnant mummy....secret please??!! Lucky you having time out, we hardly get time together, kids consumed us all, how sad....romantic plan in making but dun know when to realize ;-(

Mommy to Chumsy said... is definitely nice to have some couple time together. we haven't done that since Ashley's arrival :( hey Krystal, you are one hot mama :D

Krystal said...

Thanks to all for the compliment :) I'm expecting a boy :) Can't really see my bump 'cos it's hidden under the table...haha

Mommy to Chumsy said...

another boy, Krystal? That's nice...3 musketeers ;) The 2 kor-kors must be thrilled :D

Leanne Leong said...

Wow, how lovely and congrats! Hey, sorry for the long silence. Have been and still unwell, one thing after another... Anyway, catch up soon!